1. The most expensive city in the world… Especially if you shop at Stussy

    Ok, so I realize that I often bitch about how much more things cost in Japan than the US. I’m just trying to understand why the difference is so ridiculously huge. I completely get that things from overseas cost more and that there are taxes and tariffs in place to help Japanese companies compete. But when it comes to apparel, the numbers are so out of whack that it drives me crazy. Case in point:

    Stussy is an American company and I expect it to cost a bit more in Japan. This button-up shirt is ¥17,640. Stussy is a skate/urban/streetwear company, and that equates $182.84. That is up there in “high-end” territory with the likes of Burberry — and it seems that Japanese believe Stussy to be somehow “exclusive” when you can pick up a World Tour T shirt for $19 at Zumiez.

    The same exact shirt, direct from Stussy in the US:

    $88.00! The Japanese version is more than DOUBLE the price, nearly $100 more… for the SAME exact item.

    Thankfully, I have a cool family in America that I can ship to, who then ships it to me (as a present to avoid import taxes). But I’m honestly struggling with patronizing a brand that allows this to happen.

    How can Stussy survive (and if you look around places like Harajuku, clearly thrive) when they are unabashedly pillaging Japanese customers’ wallets?! Who decides the unbelievable markup and how do they get away with it? I can’t even begin to imagine the profit margins…